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Bachelor in Commerce

Sindh University Pakistan

Work & Experience


Senior Installation Officer

January 1, 2023 - September 4, 2023
Retrara FZ LLC

I have been delivering the Fleet management solutions for the last 20 years to our clients based in different countries and regions such as all over the Iraq, Libya, Africa, Afghanistan, KSA, Bahrain, Kurdistan, Pakistan. Since I have started my carrier as a technician from the first company back in 2000 called (Trakker by Digicore, SA) based in Pakistan so I have huge experience in the installations of different hardware such as Honeywell, Teltonika, Teletrac Navman, Garmin, Digicore, Skywave, Fastwave, Nal Research, Mhub Devices by Scope technologies, Queclink devices, Thuraya, Iridium based devices. In my current position as (Installations Supervisor) I have been instrumental in driving the growth of the company, implementing successful projects, and managing key client relationships. My expertise in the field of vehicle tracking is extensive, and I am confident that I can contribute to drive the success of your business. I have a deep understanding of the technology and its capabilities, as well as the needs and expectations of clients in various industries. For example, Temperature monitoring, Fuel monitoring, theft, Vehicle stolen, CAN bus info, Driver behavior monitoring, Personal tracking by Mobile App or hardware, Container tracking, Trailer tracking, Aircraft tracking etc. I have moved to the UAE back in 2010 and joined company called Olive Group now known as Constellis, US based company. I worked there for 4 years and used to travel most of the times in Iraq for the installations and trainings in the military vehicles so our Operations team in country can monitor their convoys for their day-to-day operations. After 4 years, I have joined company called Restrata in 2013, a UK based company where I have started as a senior Installation Officer in the operations department and managing our client, mostly logistic customer here in the UAE as well as our Oil and Gas clients outside UAE in Africa, KSA and Iraq

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