Raj Kumar

Store Keeper, Warehouse Assistant, Store In charge, Warehouse Incharge, Assistant Store Manager
$1000 / month
September 5, 1988

About Candidate

I am a highly organized, flexible storekeeper with 4+ years of experience in inventory management, Loading/ Unloading stock in a safe, Monitoring all customer issues and ensuring timely resolution, Maintaining a safe work area for all employees, planned campaigns with demonstrable initiative and success, Enter incoming and outgoing goods in the stores departments, Coordinating with the purchase department, Assist in cleaning of the warehouse and motivated professional & team player. Seeking a career opportunity at Deal to drive high-income results through a developed product.


Work & Experience


Store In Charge

June 27, 2022 - November 30, 2022
Radian Book Company

• Experience processing and fulfilling orders and operate a computer. • I ensure that orders are prepared and processed efficiently and that the delivery of materials meets customer expectations and business deadlines. • Precise picking of orders (warehouse runs) with the RF unit (HHU). • Inspect items to ensure they are not damaged or defective. • I ensure that pack the item according to the specified packing guidelines. • I ensure that ship and fulfill orders with a warehouse management system (WMS). • Participate in inventories to ensure inventory accuracy. • Assist in receiving, unloading, counting and storing physical inventory in warehouse (lifting capacity up to 15 kg to 20 kg). • Provide a safe and clean work environment by keeping shelves, inventory and workspaces clean; Sweep and vacuum. • Organize warehouse and work area according to order at any time. • Wear appropriate safety equipment and follow all safety protocols for lifting and handling in the warehouse. • Communicate and collaborate with other team members. • Work and achieve daily, weekly and monthly goals. • Identify errors and eliminate the root cause with strong countermeasures; Maintain corrective actions to eliminate recurring issues. • Ability to be flexible, assertive, optimistic and open to change. • Good understanding of the customer's performance and the impact of quality defects/costs. • Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the owner to help the team and the company. • Taking delivery of all incoming materials and reconciling purchase orders. • Track, document and resolve any discrepancy on orders received. • Ensuring the accuracy of the facility's inventory system by updating records of physical inventory totals, receipts, adjustments and returns. • Keeping up-to-date records of receipts, records and withdrawals from the stockroom. • Responsible for packing, pricing, labeling and return of supplies. • Responsible for stock rotation and coordinating the disposal of surplus. • Picking orders according to order preparation instructions.


Assistant Store Manager

March 14, 2022 - June 24, 2022
P Y D Retail Private Limited

• Monitoring of orders - Follow up on stock shipment and arrival at warehouse to check satisfied orders. • Manage and settle all cash transactions at the end of the day. • Created necessary feedback forms for hired and trained staff and new employees as needed for the store. • Maintaining financial resources and ensuring compliance with financial goals and objectives. • Loading/ Unloading stock in a safe, presentable manner and highlight errors and damages prior to completion. • Administering staff work and ensuring optimum level of customer services provided to customers. • Monitoring all customer issues and ensuring timely resolution for the same. • Ensuring compliance with all company safety standards. • Ensure safe handling & storage of all products in line with policies and quality standards. • Store stock in an orderly and accessible manner • Greeting all customers visiting the store politely. • Monitoring and ensuring timely resolution of customer complaints. • Maintaining a safe work area for all employees and reporting any incidents. • Administering all vendor deliveries and obtaining receipt for the same. • Manage all fountain products and related equipment. • Adhering to the delivery schedule as per the purchase order, verifying the incoming/outgoing and daily stock. • Manage inventory of stock every three months and material using FIFO. • Preparation of inventory of fast moving/slow moving items and unusable materials. • Maintaining proper documents like receipt and issuance. • Preparation of weekly stock items list and apprise the purchase department. • Coordinating with the purchase department. • To make arrangements for good housekeeping in the shops every day. • Preparation of timesheets for staff and store keeper. • Recording incoming and outgoing items in store departments. • Monitoring of stock cards every day of stock goods from the store and physical verification of all goods received on delivery. • Keeping an eye on the stock of items available in the store like stationery, lifting, tool store of stores department. • To take care of all kinds of activities like maintenance of store goods, availability of goods on time, proper care, and management of labors and keeping proper records of incoming and outgoing goods. • Good warehouse management, equipment handling, good staff, store keeper, proper and damaged/lack of material care and high stock level/maximum stock level/re-stock level rearrangement. • Authorizing the store on demand after verification of the requested items. • Billing for items moving from the store to other locations or sites. • Assist in cleaning of the warehouse.


Store In Charge

November 23, 2020 - March 10, 2020
Jayson Industries Pvt. Ltd.

• Enter incoming and outgoing goods in the stores departments. • Monitoring stock cards every day of the stock goods from stores and physically checking all received goods from the delivery. • Keeping eagle's eyes on the stocks of goods available in the stores like Stationary, Lifting, Tools stores of the stores department. • Taking care of all types of activities like taking care of store goods, availability of goods in time, proper care, and also managing the labors and making proper records of incoming and outgoing goods. • Arranging good warehouse, handling equipment, good staff, store keeper, care of the proper and damaged/shortage material and maintaining the higher stock level/Maximum stock level/reorder stock level. • Authorizing on the store requisition after verifying requested items. • Making waybills of the items going from store to other locations or sites. • Verifying incoming/outgoing and daily stock on hand, follow the delivery schedule as per purchase order. • Arranging the inventory of stock every three months and using materials FIFO. • Preparing the list of fast moving/slow moving items and not usable materials. • Maintaining proper documents like receipt and issue. • Preparing inventory of the stock items weekly and aware of the purchase department. • Coordinating with the purchase department. • Arranging good housekeeping every day in the stores. • Preparing timesheets of the staff and store keepers.



January 2, 2018 - October 7, 2020
JMD Wires and Cables

• Reviews Stock/inventory reports and uses specialized knowledge of goods to estimate needs and order appropriate quantities of standard and special order items, recommends and implements additions or deletions to standard stock items. • Compares information on requisitions, invoices, and shipping notices to material received or issued to verify accuracy of order. • Compiles and maintains inventory of materials received, stocked and issued. Developing Wires Data Packages for Wire Parts required by the clients. • Prepares necessary forms or documentation for Inventory records, payment of invoices, and billing end users. • Inspects, accepts, or rejects material received according to the condition of the Materials received and its specification. • Marking identifying information on materials. • Designating according to location of goods as warehouse Record. To supervise material receipt, Unloading and placement. • Dispenses stock from storeroom by measuring, counting and/or cutting requested amounts requiring knowledge and experience handling the goods or materials documents for Inventory and billing purposes. • Confers with vendors to ascertain the most beneficial terms and prices for blanket and special orders. Follow company safety procedures. • Receives equipment, materials, or supplies ordered verifying against specification on requisition or other documents. • Count inventory periodically and reconcile with records and/or inventory tickets; perform annual inventory count and reconciliation; reports to auditors or designated departments; research and resolve discrepancies. • Stores materials, supplies, equipment, etc. according to weight, size, safety precautions or other concerns. • Advises users/ customers regarding stock items or supplies suitable for needs using knowledge of and experience with goods or materials. • Resolves problems or complaints presented by staff and users/customers. • Keeps record of standard inventory, cost, prices and quantity on hand.

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